Saturday, July 15, 2006


I feel I'm at a crossroads in my life right now. I got here by having too much time on my hands since I retired. I feel like I've been sitting at the intersection for more than two years and I need to move before I'm run down.
One road would lead me back to the workforce, almost any workforce, where I would need to be somewhere doing something besides hanging around the house.
The other road would lead me toward activism of another sort. I see now why so many geezers get a reputation for being cantankerous. When you have lots of time to watch the world go by, you see plenty of things to get "cantankerous" about. So it follows, some of that leisure time can be used to step up to the plate and let the world know how you feel about it. For example:
This week, I volunteered to assist a group called Semiahmoo Peninsula Citizens for Public Safety. It's a grass roots organization represented on both sides of the border from Surrey, B.C. to Birch Bay, WA. It's purpose is to alert local, county, state, and federal authorities to the danger of transporting hazardous material by rail, through population centers, along an unstable shoreline. The objective is to force the railroad to relocate the line through rural areas approximately one mile inland. Not only does the relocation make sense in terms of safety, but it would open miles of shoreline to development or public use. So far, I've written to our mayor and each city council member, our Congressman, both Senators and the Federal Railway Administration. I still need to compose a letter to the Editor to drum up more public support.
I also wrote to the FAA this week regarding low flying aircraft over populated areas, specifically, my neighborhood. A simple restriction to maintain runway heading until leaving 800 feet AGL would alleviate the problem as it would ensure aircraft are at least 1,000 feet above populated areas as required in the FAR's.
I enjoy being cantankerous. It's a lot easier than going somewhere to work every day. But I'm not so naive as to think any of my efforts will have positive outcomes. If that's the case, why am I wasting my time?
So here I sit, watching the world go by, feeling cantankerous, and feeling left behind.


At 7:17 PM, Blogger kphiker said...

upandatem adamant! at least if you have a job, you get paid for your time!

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous kt said...

sounds to me that you need to run for office! then you could be paid to be cantankerous and tell people what they should do! You could run on the Citizens for a Pleasant Community platform. Who's not going to want to support that?

At 7:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes --you'd get paid!!!!


If it was me---If I was in your situation--from a female perspective--I would be a barista--cause then you get to talk to people!! and its fun!


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